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Honeymoon Tour in Nepal

honeymoon tourWhile a conventional honey-moon consists of a trip to a beach resort of a fancy hotel in a city, Thin Air Adventure (P.) Ltd. has worked out some wonderful honey-moon packages where couples can spend their romantic moments in total privacy from humans, yet constantly surrounded by other elements of nature; lush green forests, rocky as well as snow-caped mountains, rivers and rivulets, turquoise lakes, chirping and colourful birds, among others. As you embark on your new life after a pledge to share all sorrows and happiness, you can paraglide watching a stunningly beautiful city from a bird’s eye view, wander through a jungle on an elephant back watching the rare and wild species like the one-horned rhino and royal Bengal tiger chasing the hords of deer, or enjoy a serene morning on top of a hill watching the sun in disguise of a red fireball slowy peep from behind the world famous mountains.  With so many things to do in a relatively short time and a small place, your honeymoon trip to Nepal will become an unforgettable moment of life.

At Thin Air Adventure (P.) Ltd., we have put together some short honeymoon packages for you so that you can relax in luxury while taking in the atmosphere and romanticism of some of Nepal’s oldest and most quaint towns. We tailored the trips to allow the couple to have quite private moments viewing the stunning mountain peaks laugh and have fun together while riding elephants through the jungle or to share each others fears while paragliding. Through our trips you will be staying in the best possible accommodation, using private transport and everything will be taken care of by you personal guide, who’ll be there when you need him and discreetly out of the way when you don’t.

We take pride at Thin Air Adventure (P.) Ltd., in arranging this highly personal and deeply special trip for newly married couples, we understand the importance of the moment and that a honey moon can make or break a marriage. We want to plan your trip for you and share with you the moments that are going to forge a long and beautiful life together for you as a couple. It’s our promise to give you an unforgettable experience.